Young Justice Season 3 Starting Production!


There’s a lot of shows that get canceled too early. The first obvious answer is Firefly, but there are many others that didn’t get the chance to develop. One of those shows was the DC Animated series Young Justice. It aired for two seasons on the Cartoon Network before getting canceled and since it’s pilot it’s grown an extreme cult following of dedicated fans. Those fans were beyond upset to find out that their beloved team of protégés would not get to continue their animated adventures on television. This week, those fans got to celebrate as it was announced by Warner Bros. Animation that a third season of Young Justice has started production!

Young Justice debuted on November 26, 2010 and focused on the sidekicks to the prominent members of the Justice League. Led by Aqualad, the team of Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash, Superboy, and Miss Martian fought to prove that they were more than just sidekicks to their respective mentors. As the series developed, the show introduced more characters from the DC Universe including Artemis, Speedy, Zatanna, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Impulse, and so many more.

What made this series so captivating was the attention to detail with these characters. They felt like the characters we knew and love from the comics, and gave a great entry point for new fans. On a personal level, it introduced so many characters and stories to my own niece and nephew, and like most kids, they fell in love instantly. The stories were emotional and the artwork was beautiful.

There’s no word yet as to what network season three will be airing on or when it will debut, but it’s worth noting that the first two seasons are available currently on Netflix for your binge-watching pleasure.



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