You Can Bank On This Droid To Save You!

Money, that is! That’s right, this Star Wars R4-G9 Figure Bank is here to save the day as well as all of your coins!

Sure, you could throw all of your loose change in an old dish or one of your grandma’s leftover jam jars, but would they protect your cash the way R4-G9 protected Obi-Wan Kenobi? No way!

Adorable as ever, the bronze-accented astromech has been carefully recreated and stands just 11 inches tall, a much more manageably sized droid than some of those R2 units.

While this vinyl bank has a coin slot in the back, it also features an access door in the base. After all, no one should have to smash their droid to smithereens just to make a withdrawal!

Perfect for penny-pinching Star Wars fans of all ages, you can bring yours home from Entertainment Earth today!

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 Star Wars R4-G9 Figure Bank



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