This Is One Variant of Poison Ivy You Won’t Want to Avoid

Poison Ivy

There is no villain in Gotham more eco-conscious than Poison Ivy. This is one vixen that is as dangerous and powerful as she is seductive. Along with her poisonous pets, she presents a formidable foe for one of the most feared heroes in all of the comic book world. While Batman tries to stop her, you can capture Poison Ivy in all her glory with this Variant Exclusive Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Poison Ivy Resin Statue.

This is a shocking variant of the standard DC Comics Collection Poison Ivy Resin Statue. In this variation, her skin tone is more pale, her arms are down at her side, and her reddish-orange hair is translucent and glows under lighting. There are also some added details in her skin, showing veiny spots where the plant portions begin on her body. None of these details will you find in the standard statue!

But not only is Poison Ivy enhanced, in this variation she has a couple of friends along for the ride! She is surrounded by three pets, two large and one miniature. They are her vicious plant creations, sunflower-inspired flytraps. Nothing captures the seductress spirit of Poison Ivy like carnivorous flowers!

No detail is going unenhanced on this exclusive statue! Her human form seems to be absorbed by the vines that surround her, or it is growing from them. The fiery way her translucent hair lights up is as captivating as her figure. This limited edition statue measures about 16-inches tall, 7-inches wide, and comes with a certificate of authenticity, a numbered display plate, and an art card by artist Luis Royo. No collector will want to miss out of this thrilling and exclusive variant, so pre-order today at Entertainment Earth!

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Poison Ivy



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