X-23 Unleashed in New Logan Trailer


When Twentieth Century Fox released the first trailer for Logan we were moved by the very dramatic pacing and editing with Johnny Cash’s dark and brooding song “Hurt” setting the tone. Two familiar faces were front and center, Logan and Xavier. The trailer also introduced us to Laura (AKA X-23) but today’s release of the final Logan trailer displayed how incredibly amazing she’s going to be in the film. She’s already a fan of the X-Men – collecting comic books which detail the adventures of the real team. This implies that someone has chronicled some of their stories and exaggerated them for entertainment purposes.

This trailer gave me an instant Leon: The Professional vibe for the relationship between Laura and Logan. He’s going to be a very strict but caring mentor for the two clawed terror. With the film’s R rating, we’re sure to finally get a real look at what Wolverine’s berserker rage actually looks like on the big screen and from the trailer it appears that X-23 might even be more intense.

What can be gleaned from both trailers is what appears to be two very dramatic death scenes. We’ve seen it happen before but it looks like Xavier might be on death’s door yet again. And being that this is allegedly Hugh Jackman’s last turn as Logan, there’s some clues in this trailer that he’s passing the Wolvie-Torch to Laura before the final frame of the movie.

On March 3rd we’re going to say goodbye to Jackman as Wolverine and while it will likely be a very emotional and action packed ride, I’m more excited at the introduction of X-23. It looks like they’ve really got this character down and for once, we may actually get a version of Wolverine that is more in line with the comic book source material. I loved this last trailer and I cannot wait for this movie.

Now let’s all let loose a primal X-23 scream and discuss the trailer in the comments!



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