Why Thor: Ragnarok is in Good Hands


If you wondered why the Norse god of thunder wasn’t a part of the beat-em-up-fun that was Captain America: Civil War, it’s because he was too busy on sabbatical in Australia with his new roommate Darryl.

Marvel recently released online the short mocumentary that they played at this year’s Comic-Con. The short was created by Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi, and shows us what “Team Thor” was up to during the events of Civil War, and provides a taste of what to expect from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Which is something completely different from Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

The hilarious short, runs in line with Waititi’s style in What We Do in the Shadows, as it takes its absurd premise in the most serious of manners. That premise being, Thor has moved in with a mortal man in Australia and attempts to correspond between Iron Man and Captain America through email, fit in at the work place, and express his artful side. This seems to hint at Marvel taking Thor in a lighter direction and trying to capture some of the magic they had with Guardians of the Galaxy – which blended funny and serious in a near-perfect manner. This also fits with early rumors that Ragnarok will be a buddy road-trip movie featuring Thor and Hulk – basically making it Midnight Run with supoerheroes.

Setting the bar high early on, Marvel is seemingly doing everything they can to say that their films don’t take themselves too seriously. The idea of someone like Waititi running a big budget blockbuster like this is proof that Marvel knows they’re ahead of the curve. And they know they can literally do anything with their movies and be successful. They could probably dust off Howard the Duck at this point for a solo movie. Who knows, he could save the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe when Avengers: Infinity War rolls around.



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