Watch The First Full Trailer For Doctor Who Season 8

You’ve seen the teasers, now bask in greatness of the first full trailer for Doctor Who Season 8, featuring our best look yet at Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

We can expect a lot of great action from this season. Explosions abound around the Doctor and Clara, the synthetic crackle of a Dalek’s voice declares “Life returns,” and an enormous T-Rex marauds before the Houses of Parliament. There’s even a glimpse of Capaldi riding horseback in a pair of pajamas. Just as thrilling are the trailer’s dark thematic elements, referenced by Capaldi himself as a destination point for the upcoming season. We’re especially excited to see this Doctor grapple between good and evil as he comes to terms with his new identity. Capaldi definitely has a gravitas about him that we haven’t seen from more recent incarnations of the Doctor. (Those eyes! See them smolder!). We can’t wait to see how he fills the decades-old role.

This season’s premiere lands August 23rd with the episode “Deep Breath,” airing on BBC One and BBC America. Despite the reported leaks, we anticipate a full house for the season premiere!



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