The Joker is Back in Classic Form

Tweeterhead Joker Maquette Statue

The 1966 Batman series was a landmark for the comic book world. While there had been iterations before it, and other superhero shows and movies certainly existed, there had never been one with such a high budget and (at the time) modern production values. The show was a runaway hit and has enjoyed reruns ever since. One of the most iconic depictions of character to come through that series was The Joker, as played by classical actor, Cesar Romero. Now, Tweeterhead is paying homage to this classic villain in the most vivid way possible through this Tweeterhead Batman 1966 TV Series The Joker Maquette Statue.

The statue, standing 14-inches tall, is made from the landmark episode “Batman is Riled.” In the episode, The Joker had planned to take down Batman and reveal his true identity to all on live television. Details from the episode are clearly visible, as the background is the stage set that was employed by the nasty supervillain, and you can also find the axe, utility belt, and jester head from the episode.

Cesar Romero was an icon of the stage and screen before taking on the role of the Clown Prince. He famously refused to shave his mustache for the role and ended up – almost comically – covering it up with the makeup. Whether it was supposed to be that The Joker actually had a mustache that was covered up, or if audiences weren’t supposed to know it was there, well, that’s up to the viewer. But this statue doesn’t pull punches, and you can clearly see every detail of The Joker’s face, down to his somewhat hidden mustache.

Sculpted by famed artists Trever Grove, Michael Cusanelli, and Matt Black, this statue is formed of high-quality resin. It is hand painted by David Fisher. This thrilling collector’s piece is coming out soon, but you can pre-order your own today from Entertainment Earth to receive free U.S. shipping!

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