Bust from Tweeterhead Is the Alpha and Omega

skeletor bust

Heroes, beware! Skeletor is here! Joining Tweeterhead’s She-Ra Princess of Power Bust is their new Masters of the Universe Skeletor Bust!

tw motu skeleWe saw the Evil Lord of Destruction at Comikaze and you will be thrilled with the scale and detail of this bust. It continues the Masters of the Universe bust line in wonderful detail.

Bent on the conquest of more than just Castle Grayskull, Skeletor has now conquered the quarter-scale busts! This incredible sculpture is about 9 1/2-inches tall and features Skeletor from the abdomen up.

His malevolent glory is available for all to see in 1:4 scale as this high detailed sculpt. The artisans at Tweeterhead carefully crafted a beautifully textured piece and the gem on his chest truly shines. The vibrant colors will strike fear into the hearts of many collections!

This bust is currently available for pre-order with free shipping at Entertainment Earth. It’s scheduled to arrive in July 2015.

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