The Golden Age of Comics comes Back to Life through these Classic Batman and Robin Statues


During the golden age of comics, Dick Sprang was the man in charge of Batman, bringing the Caped Crusader, his vehicle, and his enemies through a redesign that would carry them into the television age. Marked by his expressive face, square jaw, and his barrel chest, this Dark Knight wasn’t so dark, but stood for justice and peace.

The vivid world of Dick Sprang comes to life with this Batman Classic Collection Maquette Statue and this Batman Classic Collection Robin Maquette Statue, both at an impressive 1:6 scale.

Colorful and beaming with character, Batman stands at 14 ½-inches tall. His cape flows behind him and he stands in his classic heroic pose, protecting his hometown from The Joker, Penguin, and The Riddler.

In his classic red, yellow, and green outfit, Robin strikes a similar pose, that comes off just a little boyishly under his smaller, athletic frame. Standing at 9-inches tall, the Boy Wonder is ready to support his mentor in crime-fighting.

These statues are the perfect gifts for any Batman fan in your life. They commemorate the age of Batman that was filled with innovation and post-war optimism. You can take these stunning collectibles home by pre-ordering them from Entertainment Earth!

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Classic Batman Statue

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Classic Batman Robin Statue



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