Is Sam the Most Lovable Halloween Monster?

2007’s Trick ‘r Treat remains a real gem of a horror anthology, introducing us to the most lovable Halloween monster since Jack Skellington: the cutie with the burlap mask known as Sam.

This year, you too can embody the spirit of the season with these sweet costume props.

The Trick ‘r Treat Sam Unmasked Full-Head Mask was sculpted with the actual on-screen mask as a reference! This frighteningly realistic mask reveals what lay beneath Sam’s smiling burlap mask: a monstrous jack ‘o lantern mug complete with scarecrow-style stitching and black, cross-hatched eyes! You’re sure to spook the kiddies and win a few costume contests in this while you enforce the spooky rules of Halloween…

You’ll also need the Trick ‘r Treat Lollipop or Bitten Lollipop Props to complete the look. These replicas were based off the on-screen props, and are Sam’s weapons of choice. Just the thing to have at hand should you come across any curmudgeons who don’t fully embrace the creepy fun of the season.

Why worry about this year’s Halloween costume when you can have these ghoulish goodies in plenty of time for October? Pre-order these Trick ‘r Treat items and today and we’ll ship the moment they arrive in stock this August!



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