He’s Cute, He’s Fearless, and He’s 4-Feet Tall!

Packing a removable (and adjustable) energon blaster, this Optimus Prime Statue is ready to save the world while taking your TF collection to a whole new level of awesomeness.

The only thing better than owning a Loyal Subjects Vinyl Optimus Prime is owning a 4-foot tall Loyal Subjects Optimus Prime Statue. That’s right! As an upscaled version of the 5 1/2-inch vinyl figure, this statue oozes quality. He’s also incredibly rare, which makes showcasing this one-of-a-kind statue a true sight to behold.

From the pristine fiberglass finish to the expertly crafted details in the face, hands, and torso, this statue makes for one heck of a standout centerpiece. While the hands and torso don’t move, the energon blaster can be rotated, giving you more ways to make the Autobot’s fearless leader look his best.

Not only is this big bot extra tall, he’s also seriously massive. Weighing roughly 108 pounds, this statue is destined to leave a lasting impression – just make sure you have a designated place to put him.

It’s no stretch to say that every Transformers fan has dreamed of owning a giant Optimus Prime at one point or another. And while this Optimus statue may not be life-sized (can you imagine?), it’s certainly big enough to fit most collectors’ needs. Just don’t get on his bad side – that iconic energon blaster of his has been known to melt Decepticons in their tracks.

Adding this Transformers fiberglass statue to your display is sure to make your collection shine. You better act fast, though, as there are only 10 pieces in circulation.

Don’t delay! Order your giant Optimus Prime today.



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