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Sword Master and Decepticon Turncoat – Drift – Makes an Amazing Figure

The detail and heft of this figure are beyond compare. The Transformers Drift 8-Inch Action Figure is one of the most elaborate and interesting Transformers figures that we’ve come across in recent years. The former Decepticon might not have all the aggression worked out of his system, but with the mentorship of Optimus Prime, he makes a productive warrior for the Autobots. And in the form of this figure, Drift makes a crowning addition to your Transformers collection.

In 2010, IDW published a four-issue limited series entitled Transformers: Drift. The comic series gave us a sweet glimpse into the before mysterious backstory of one of the most interesting robots in disguise out there. This figure is modeled to look exactly like it came off the pages of these comics, with colors and details pulled right from the original art.

Collector’s know that Flame Toys doesn’t mess around when they make Transformers toys. This impressive 8-inch figure is super poseable and comes with a variety of facial expressions. The best part is that it is made with some high-quality die-cast metal parts, so it feels solid, heavy, and as epic, as it looks. Order yours today from Entertainment Earth!



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