How To Train Your Dragon 2 Spreads Wings as Pop! and Mystery Minis

How To Train Your Dragon 2

This is Berk. Dragons used to be a problem but now they’ve all moved in. They’re ready to move into your collection with these fantastic How To Train Your Dragon 2 Mystery Minis and Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko! Welcome aboard, dragon rider.

These phenomenal figures are based on characters from the 2014 film How To Train Your Dragon 2, where Hiccup and his dragon Toothless must protect all dragons from an evildoer. With Hiccup caught between the responsibilities of being the chieftain’s son and his desire to explore the world, he must balance the good of his tribe with the good of the world as a nefarious dragon trapper tries to get every dragon under his control.

With Hiccup and Astrid as Pop! Vinyls, they can help keep the dragons in your Pop! collection under control. Belch and Barf, Stormfly, Hookfang, and Toothless are all waiting to make a new home in your collection. Astrid, Hiccup, Toothless, Belch and Barf, Hookfang, Meatlug and Stormfly are also available as Mystery Mini Figures.

Check out all the delightful How To Train Your Dragon 2 collectibles from Funko today!

How To Train Your Dragon 2

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