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Toy of the Week Podcast: Metroid Samus Figma Action Figure

Toy of the Week Samus Figma

It’s been an extra-long wait, but the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Samus Aran Figma Action Figure is finally here!

Happy Friday, folks. This week, Adam Pawlus takes a look at the beautiful new Samus Aran Figma Figure. It’s been 30+ years since the Metroid franchise first graced us in all its 8-bit glory, and Adam isn’t shy to say this is the best-looking Samus yet.

Figma figures are known for two things: amazing screen accuracy and incredible articulation. Fortunately, this Samus figure is a perfect example of both. With more than 20 different points of articulation, she can jump, she can run, she can even bounce with ease. She also comes with her own display stand to help you capture those awesome mid-air shots. Seriously, this figure has ball joints out the wazoo.

With interchangeable hands, an interchangeable canon tip, and an added morph ball, you’re able to mix and match depending on whatever pose you have in mind. And in true Figma fashion, Samus even comes with her own Figma-branded Ziplock bag to help you keep track of all those extra parts.

Based on the popular Metroid Prime 3: Corruption game, this Samus Figma figure sports beautiful paint accents with an impeccable attention to detail. With articulated ankles and toes, she’s quite possibly the best Metroid figure ever made. To hear more about this figure, and to hear which upcoming Nintendo Figma releases Adam’s most excited about, check out the latest Toy of the Week Podcast below.



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