Find Serenity for Your Feet by Wearing These Exclusive Firefly Slippers

Serenity Slippers

You can roam The Verse with Serenity while keeping your feet nice and cozy. Or, sit down to coffee. The truly daring can be the coolest parents at morning drop off when school is back in session. Whatever your chosen activity, these Firefly Serenity Oversized Plush Slippers – Entertainment Earth Exclusive will have your feet feeling light years above the earth, while keeping you firmly on the ground.

While we may be 2517 before we see Netflix pick up a new season of Firefly, it doesn’t mean that we should just give up on the crew from the cult TV series and movie. This space western about nine people looking into the void of space and seeing nine different things captured the hearts of audiences the world over. There is no doubt that the high budget series ended too soon, with only 11 of the 14 episodes seeing TV airtime. But the Firefly universe has lived on, not only in DVD releases and the movie, Serenity, but through many other media and at science fiction conventions across the country.

What it comes down to is simple: the Firefly-class transport ship just looks too good to not adorn your feet. It’s got to be somewhere on your body and it would be awkward as gloves or as a hat. If you can’t have more episodes of the show, you’ve got to fill the void somewhere, so why not start with your feet? This Entertainment Earth Exclusive is sure to delight any sci-fi fan or anyone with a heart. Pre-order today at Entertainment Earth!

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Serenity Slippers



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