We Salute the Rubik’s Cube, Bubbles, and Green Army Men as They Join Toy Hall of Fame

toy hall of fame
Source: National Museum of Play

Think back on your childhood and all the toys you ever played with. Do you remember trying to figure out the colorful Rubik’s Cube? Or marching into battle with miniature little green army men? Running around trying to pop all those magical bubbles? Well now they’ve reached fame.

On Thursday, these 3 toys joined 56 others in the National Museum of Play’s (also known as The Strong) Toy Hall of Fame. They were among a list of 12 finalists that included My Little Pony, paper airplanes, pots and pans, Operation Skill Game, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but ultimately the national selection committee decided on the 3 winners.

toy hall of fameThe process for induction is simpler than expected. Anyone can nominate a toy for the Hall of Fame. The nominations are reviewed by a committee comprised of curators and historians who then pick the finalists by determining which toys meet the specified criteria. The national selection committee members vote for their favorites and the toys with the most votes are inducted into the Hall of Fame with this great honor.

According to The Strong, in order to be inducted, a toy must have longevity and an iconic status. They also must bring a sense of discovery to children everywhere. Based on that criteria, it’s not surprising at all that these 3 were ultimately voted in. They’ve surpassed generational boundaries and continue to line the shelves of toy stores everywhere.

Do you agree with these choices? What toy would you like to see in the Toy Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments!



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