Top 10 Magical Harry Potter Gifts for the Holidays

Top 10 Harry Potter Gifts

As you step into the Great Hall, the magic swirls around you and you’re home.

J.K. Rowling’s beloved Wizarding World is still as wonderful and popular as it was years ago. As the holidays descend upon us, why not continue to spread the love for the Boy Who Lived? You can do that with ease with our Top 10 Harry Potter Gift Picks!

Everyone has a friend (or two, or fifty) who grew up on this series so these gifts are a no-brainer!

Put on your Weasley sweater and “Accio” these gifts to you for the holidays and it will be a merry season for all.

10. Harry Potter Bobble Head

The Boy Who Lived arrives as a glorious bobble head from NECA! It measures 8-inches tall, including the base, and the detail is fantastic, featuring a great likeness to actor Daniel Radcliffe.

Harry Potter Bobble Head

9. Harry Potter Beanie Hats

Show off your Hogwarts House pride with these beanies! From all four Houses, everyone will know you’re a Harry Potter and that you know what House you’d be in! (And don’t we all take pride in our House?)

Harry Potter Beanie

8. Harry Potter Hanging Glass Prints

Decorate your desk with these lovely glass prints! Featuring the four Houses, they measure 3 1/2-inches across and are composed of translucent, vibrant colors.
Harry Potter Hanging Glass Print

7. Harry Potter Finale Series 2 Mixed Montage Film Cell

Show your dedication to this great franchise with this stunning display piece. It’s limited to 5,000 pieces and features prints and cells from all eight movies! It’s available right now with free shipping.

Harry Potter Film Cell

6. Harry Potter Ron Weasley Pop! Vinyl Figure

Weasley Is Our King! That’s what you’ll be chanting with this fantastic 3 3/4-inch Pop! Vinyl of Harry’s best friend. It even includes his broken wand re-attached with Spello-Tape!


5. Harry Potter Scarves

As winter settles in, bundle up with these great replica scarves! Pretend you’re on the Hogwarts grounds, representing your House or Hogwarts itself.

Harry Potter Scarf

4. Harry Potter Running In The Woods Curved Glass Photo

The Golden Trio has never looked better than here in this 12-inch wide x 10-inch tall curved glass print. As light passes through, every inch becomes its own piece of art.

Harry Potter Curved Photo

3. Harry Potter Black Cauldron Ceramic Soup Mug with Spoon

Enjoy a hot drink or some nice soup in your very own cauldron! It comes with a spoon so you can make sure it’s done properly. After all, we don’t want Snape on your case, do we?

Harry Potter Cauldron

2. Harry Potter Hermione Granger Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Brightest Witch of Her Age certainly makes a lovely Pop! Vinyl. With her bushy brown hair and Gryffindor uniform, Hermione is definitely a must-have.


1. Harry Potter Morphing Mugs

What’s a better Harry Potter gift than magical mugs? Featuring characters, Houses, the Sorting Hat, and even the Marauder’s Map, watch as these mugs transform from black to a wonderful image when you add hot liquid!

Harry Potter Morphing Mug



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