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Is This the Biggest Transformers Decepticon Toy Ever?

He’s bold, he’s detailed, and he’s the biggest Decepticon to date. Move over, Grimlock, there’s a new dino in town. As the lumbering-yet-lovable Decepticon giant, Titans Return Trypticon is the arch nemesis of Metroplex, the Autobot Titan Class figure. Transforming into a towering T-Rex, a battle station, and a spaceship, Trypticon stands roughly 18-inches tall.

As an updated version of the classic Generation One figure, Trypticon offers tons of playability with a modernized transformation and added articulation. He even has an ankle tilt! New features include a spring-activated forehead gun and the awesome ability to “eat” individual Titan Masters. (Don’t worry, the actual figures sit comfortably inside his chest.)

Accompanied by Deluxe Figure Full-Tilt and his Titan Master Necro, these two Decepticons are ready to help channel Trypticon’s all-too-destructive force in the right direction – which is usually toward the nearest Autobot. With enough firepower to level an entire city in a single outing, Trypticon is set on moving the Decepticons toward their goal of conquering the galaxy. He can even connect to Overlord, Sky Shadow, and other Titans Return Leader Class figures (sold separately) to form the immeasurably powerful Nemesis Command base.

Trypticon has always been a fan favorite. In fact, he edged out Omega Supreme and Scorponok in a 2015 Hasbro Facebook poll to become the next Titan Class figure. More than that, he’s a proper follow-up to the 1986 toy, offering an updated design and a huge boost in size.

Hasbro’s slowly cornering the robot market with their Titans Return line, and with each new wave of figures, they offer even more ways to play. 15 easy steps let you transform Trypticon from imposing dinosaur to a spaceship to battle station and back. With tons of molded detail, impeccable panel work, and three intuitive transformations, Trypticon is a must-have for Transformers fans. Make sure to order him now!



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