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This Mikey Steps Straight from the Eastman Comics to Your Collection

TMNT Michelangelo Eastman

Calling all classic TMNT fans – if your fave take on the heroes in a half-shell will always be the original Eastman and Laird comic series, rejoice! ThreeZero and Kevin Eastman Studios have teamed up to deliver the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Eastman 1:6 Scale Action Figure.

Standing 11 3/4-inches tall, this Mikey has been styled after the distinctive, early Eastman designs. With 25 points of articulation, Michelangelo can be displayed in the action pose of your choice.

With a bandana made of cloth and soft PVC skin for added authenticity, the heroic turtle doesn’t just look like the real deal — he feels like it, too. Michelangelo also comes with 2 nunchaku, a kusarigama, 5 throwing stars (each uniquely shaped), and a skateboard.

With that much weaponry, and a board Casey Jones would envy, Mikey is prepared for all comers. He’s here to kick ass and eat pizza; and he’s all out of pizza. Pre-order now before he disappears in search of a worthy opponent!

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