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Time to Get Cooking with These Realistic Breaking Bad Figures

Breaking Bad Figures

In this economy, with sky-rocketing medical costs and high health insurance premiums, those who find creative ways of making money are often applauded. Science teacher-turned-drug kingpin Walter “Heisenberg” White may have taken things a little too far, though…

ThreeA have recreated Walter and his unlikely assistant, Jesse Pinkman, in incredibly realistic detail for this Breaking Bad Heisenberg & Jesse Hazmat Suit 1:6 Figure 2-Pack.

Heisenberg stands 12 1/4-inches tall while Jesse is just over 11 1/2-inches. Both feature the likenesses of actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul and come with a wide array of clothing, interchangeable hands, and accessories, including:

  •  2 yellow Hazmat suits
  • Glasses, undershirt, pants, and shoes (for Walter)
  • Undershirt, pants, and shoes (for Jesse)
  • pairs of hands with protective gloves (2 relaxed, 1 gripping, 1 holding, and 1 fist for each figure)

Additional accessories include:

  • 2 gas masks
  • 1 lab desk
  • 1 round chemical container
  • 3 chemical glass bottles (with water)
  • 1 steel tray
  • 1 beaker (with water)
  • 1 measuring glass (with water)
  • 1 flask (with water)
  • 1 test tube rack
  • 3 test tubes
  • 3 test tubes (with water)
  • 1 trowel
  • 1 mortar and pestle
  • 1 graduated cylinder

With all of this, it’s easy to recreate a lab scene straight from the wildly popular, multi-award-winning show! Pre-order today and we’ll ship as soon as we can get our hands on these renegade criminals.

Breaking Bad Heisenberg and Jesse Hazmat Suit 1:6 Scale Action Figure 2-Pack



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