Add a Little Magic to Your Life With ThinkGeek’s Unicorn Products!

In the days of yore unicorns could only be approached by a young maiden, pure of heart. ThinkGeek can’t make you a young maiden, but they can get you Magical Unicorn Products for people of all ages and genders to enjoy!

You’ll be right as rain in gray and stormy weather with this rainbow pastel Magical Unicorn Umbrella. Packaged with a matching pastel cover, the handle is nevertheless the best part, with a majestic unicorn sculpted to fit around your hand.

Decorate your kitchen space with the adorable Magical Unicorn Magnet Set! The set contains a whopping 82 magnets with over a dozen different kinds of items. Trees, grass, stars, and even lens flares are included to help make your own unique fridge artwork.

Finally, you can be the envy of everyone at any banquet with this Magical Unicorn Drink Horn. At 10 inches tall and with its own gold-colored stand, this magnificent drinking apparatus will have you toasting through the night.

You can head over to Entertainment Earth now to make a pre-order for all of the magical goodies!

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Unicorn Umbrella

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Unicorn Magnets

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Unicorn Drinking Horn



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