These Entertainment Earth Exclusive Living Dead Dolls Are Not of This World

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Mezco Living Dead Dolls

Whether you find yourself in a sadistic horror story or a whimsical fairy tale, it’s gotten uncomfortably easy to fall into other worlds.

Even if you’re lucky enough to be in the latter, it’s not all yellow brick roads and lemon drop dreams. There’s always a darker side to the sweet. If dropping a house on someone entitles you to their fancy footwear, and flying monkeys are ready to disembowel your Scarecrow buddy, you’ve got to keep on your toes.

You might just find these Living Dead Dolls Munchkins waiting for you on your journey to meet the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It’s Romero meets Baum with these tiny terrors.

This trio may stand a mere 4-inches tall, but don’t let their diminutive size fool you — they’re here for your brains, not to extend a welcome from the Lollipop Guild. (The Scarecrow’s the only one of your traveling companions who might be safe from their mini yet monstrous appetites.)

Each munchkin features cloth outfits and varying expressions of hungry, blood-smeared menace, and the terrible trio come packaged in a special display box.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself trapped in an already horrific story rife with torture and unholy pain, well…

The Living Dead Dolls Hellraiser III Pinhead Red Variant is a macabre marvel that must be seen to be believed. Featuring an unsettling degree of detail – from his trademark nail-studded face to his flayed skin and instruments of unspeakable torture – this High Priest of Pain is ready to show you untold, unholy, delights.

The leader of the Cenobites is wearing blood red vestments and comes with the Lament Configuration as well as bladed weapons. Plus, you have a 5% change of randomly receiving a blood-splattered version (for that extra dose of authenticity). Standing 10-inches tall, he comes packaged in a die-cut window box based on the divine – or perhaps hellish – mathematics of Lemarchand.

Both Pinhead and the trio of Munchkins are Entertainment Earth Exclusives, and both are limited to a run of a mere 1,500. If your Living Dead Dolls collection isn’t complete without them, don’t delay and order today. Otherwise, you may just wake up and wonder if it wasn’t all just a dream… Or perhaps a nightmare.

Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Doll Hellraiser Pinhead Exclusive



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