Artist Imagines What The Legend of Zelda Would Look Like as a Studio Ghibli Film

Other than the rumor that Netflix is adapting a Legend of Zelda series, Nintendo has been very tight-lipped about any adaptations of their properties.

It may be for good reason (we all remember the Super Mario movie), but that doesn’t change the fact that Zelda is perhaps the video game franchise ripest for adapting, with its fantasy and Hero’s Journey elements.

Now artist Matt Vince, with his awesome fanmade posters, has convinced me who should adapt this property: Studio Ghibli.

Check them out!



The detail and style of these are gorgeous and I can already picture the film with its soft animation and colors. Vince also made a mention of imagining “the score for something like this” on his blog post, and now I’m a little upset it’ll never happen. Because it would be so perfect.

Studio Ghibli has halted production since Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement in 2014, but I want them to resume just for this now.

What do you think of these posters? Can you picture an animated Legend of Zelda film done by Ghibli?

Source: Collider



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