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The Joker Looks Wild and Realistic in Stunning Mezco One:12 Collective Action Figure

Mezco The Joker One:12 Collective

1940’s landmark comic book, Batman #1, didn’t just introduce the world to the timeless adventures of the Caped Crusader in his own featured book, it also introduced the world to possibly the most exciting, terrifying, and engaging enemy any hero has ever had – The Joker. The Joker has been the modern Moriarty ever since: An intelligent and elegant villain who is surprisingly easy to relate to. The Clown Prince of Crime is a chaotic force that reflects the questionable nature of order in our modern lifestyle. Win or lose, he is always having fun playing the game.

The Joker is here to bedevil Batman again in this outstanding 1:12 scale action figure. Mezco Toyz presents the Batman The Joker One:12 Collective Action Figure, one of the most detailed and astonishing Joker action figures we have ever seen. With 28 points of articulation and a huge array of extras – including two heads, multiple hands, and accurate props – this action figure is not short on action!

The realistic face sculpts are so intricate that you’ll want to take a magnifying glass to catch all the details. This hyper-detailed face is well balanced by the perfectly tailored clothing. His fabric outfit is highlighted by realistically sculptured gloves, socks, and shoes. You can choose fists, guns, chattering teeth, or playing cards for his hands. When you combine all these options with the super-articulated body, you have endless choices in posing this figure.

This is one figure that does justice to the maniacal character that we love to hate and fear to side with. With the intricate sculptural work and incredible detail, this figure could easily become the centerpiece to your collection. While this figure isn’t on the market yet, you can pre-order it at Entertainment Earth!Mezco Toyz The Joker One:12 Collective Action Figure



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