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The Grand Army of the Republic: Meet the 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper

Searching the galaxy for General Grievous is no small order. That’s why, when General Obi-Wan Kenobi was charged with hunting down the cyborg Jedi hunter, he brought along the 212th Attack Battalion. Lead by Clone Commander Cody, the 212th Attack Battalion were a lean, mean, crew of Clone Troopers, clad in orange. They were called to Utapua when Kenobi found a good lead and their support and firepower helped the Jedi to destroy Grievous. Of course, with the Civil War ended, the Republic became an Empire and Order 66 was executed, so the 212th turned on Kenobi, attempting to wipe him and his brethren out of the universe.

Now you can collect this six-inch figure along with the other Clone Troopers of Order 66 in this Star Wars the Black Series Clone Troopers of Order 66 6-Inch Figure –¬†Entertainment Earth Exclusive! This is the only place you will find these high-quality figures packed together, and the 212th figure is one of the greatest assets. When the 212th mistakenly believes they’ve killed General Kenobi, they move on with their mission. Eventually, in the service of the Empire, the 212th Attack Battalion is even sent to put down a Wookie uprising – and they succeed! Honestly, where were these guys during the Battle of Endor?

This Black Series collection of four Clone Troopers from Revenge of the Sith is an Entertainment Earth Exclusive! With amazing detail, exciting weapons, and dynamic paint, these are among the highest quality action figures on the market today. These Clone Troopers served the Jedi until the dreaded Order 66 came down from above, then they turned against them and made the Republic into an Empire. Serving the Sith, their heroic forms quickly became the look of doom. High quality action figures like these don’t come along every day, and these particular ones can only be found on Entertainment Earth!

Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Clone Troopers - EE Exclusive



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