The Force Is Strong with These Star Wars Designs


His professional and fan made posters have been seen by millions of viewers around the world, and now Star Wars enthusiast Ryan Crain shares the story of his artistic journey exclusively with Entertainment Earth.

On his website, Ryan Crain states “entertainment imagery is my one true love.” Indeed, it was my impression while speaking with Ryan that his love of art is only paralleled by his adoration of Star Wars. In our interview, Ryan mentioned that watching Star Wars for the first time with his dad changed his life and inspired his future works. His art draws additional inspiration from Alien, Terminator, and various other prominent films.

A trained artist and designer who identifies as a “huge geek and nerd,” Ryan’s passion for all things pop culture is illustrated in his professional and fan made posters.

Ryan began making posters by taking photos of the various Star Wars statues around his home. Made in Photoshop “with a glass of wine and a lot of loud techno music,” his posters drew inspiration from these highly-detailed statues. However, when photographer Mark Edwards came on board, the posters began to take on a whole new life. Soon Ryan would incorporate human models, bringing in famous cosplayers like Scruffy Rebel, TK-6683, Tabby Bolt, and Soni Aralynn.

From where did Ryan draw his inspiration? He credits the artist who designed I Am Legend posters. Now his mentor, the man Ryan calls “Yoda” (aka Tomasz Opasinski) continues to encourage and inspire him.

Ryan’s current goal is to have completed 50 pieces of art in 2015. His love of creating stories through evocative visuals has made Ryan Crain a master in his field. Truly a Yoda in his own right, Ryan’s dedication continues to impress his legions of followers.

Check out some of Ryan’s Star Wars posters on the next pages, and don’t forget to take a peek at Ryan’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

Which of these posters is your favorite? Which Star Wars character poster should Ryan do next? Share your thoughts in the comments!




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