This Is Some Killer News About The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

We don’t want Tuesday to come because we’re not ready for the season finale of The Flash. Luckily, we’ve got some scoop on the show, and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, to keep us distracted.

Danielle Panabaker who plays Caitlin Snow on The Flash recently did a Reddit AMA where she gave some very interesting scoop on her character:

“I have read a little about Killer Frost in the comic books. Our producers and writers have a history of honoring the comic books, but also putting their own spin on things, so I’m excited to see what they come up with for the show

Watch the season finale on Tuesday!

yes – from the beginning I knew that Caitlin Snow becomes Killer Frost. And I can’t wait to suit up and duke it out with the boys!

Yes. They have made a Killer Frost costume.”

If that’s not a huge reveal, we don’t know what is! Caitlin Snow is the most recent incarnation of the DC villainess, Killer Frost, who has ice powers and is typically a foe for Firestorm and Flash.

Fans have been wondering about seeing Killer Frost since the beginning and now it looks like we will, sooner rather than later. But would could drive Caitlin to become a villain? Guess we’ll have to keep watching and find out!

Let’s move on to Legends of Tomorrow. If you’re like us, you’ve watched the new trailer several times already. Perhaps you noticed the brief shot of Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh)? A new image has surfaced on a Russian website of that shot from another angle, revealing something very interesting:

Legends of Tomorrow Jay Garrick

Would you look at that, it’s Jay Garrick’s helmet! Jay was the first hero to don the mantle of the Flash.

Is this a trick and the shot is from the season finale of The Flash? Or is it really from the spin-off? If so, is that Harrison Wells or Eobard-Thawne-as-Harrison-Wells as a Time Master? There are so many questions! We’ll likely know more with the finale of The Flash next week and we’re all at once terrified and excited.

How do you think Caitlin is going to become Killer Frost? What’s up with the Reverse Flash and Jay Garrick’s helmet? Tell us your ideas in the comments!



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