Teaser Trailer For “Scary, Sexy” Doctor Who Spinoff Class Screens at NYCC

BBC America brought a trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff Class to New York City Comic-Con. The show looks so creepy, it might make the Weeping Angels seem like cheery, cheeky cherubs by comparison!

Maybe you thought your academic career was a nightmare, but I’m betting these kids have it far worse…

Created by Patrick Ness (the multiple prize-winning author whose acclaimed YA novel A Monster Calls reaches movie screens this month) and co-executive produced by Ness, Brian Minchin and Doctor Who showrunner (until 2018) Steven Moffat, Class takes us back to Coal Hill School (first seen in Doctor Who’s very first story in 1963 and most recently seen in 2015’s “The Magician’s Apprentice”).

Ness has already promised Class will be “scary” and “sexy.” Not seeing so much of the sexy here, but the scary? In spades!

In case you were too busy hiding behind the sofa, here’s a transcript of Peter Capaldi’s fantastically spooky narration:

I can travel through space and I can travel through time, but I can’t always be there when you need me. Sometimes you have to take survival upon yourselves. What would you do when the shadows come? When you can’t turn away from the darkness ahead? For time has looked at your faces… and time never forgets.

I must say, the Doctor sounds and looks a bit too gleeful about that last prospect, even for him with the angry eyebrows!

And what does that even mean, “time never forgets”? I thought only elephants could claim that distinction. Have these kids gone and done something foolish with the time-space continuum? Does the Doctor think they’re getting what they deserve? Intriguing!

As are those shadows slithering down the school’s walls (looking even more menacing than the Vashta Nerada)… and the crack in the doors at the end of the hallway (should we start praying to Santa now?). Unfortunately, while viewers across the pond will get to go back to school with Class on October 22, we Yankees here in the colonies won’t see the show on BBC America until the spring of 2017, alongside series 10 of Doctor Who. (At least we have the animated “The Power of the Daleks” to look forward to!)

Are you looking forward to Class? Why or why not? Let’s talk in the comments below!




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