Harley Quinn Is Dressed Up As Harley Quinn

Do you love when actors really get into their roles? Then you’ll love this. Tara Strong, a prominent voice actor known for many roles, including Harley Quinn, recently really got in touch with her inner psychopathic Gotham resident.

She posted some photos of herself on her Instagram account as Harley Quinn.

G’night puddins

A photo posted by Tara Strong (@tarastrong514) on

Strong has voiced Quinn in several projects including Batman: Arkham City, Infinite Crisis, and that brief scene in Arrow.

We think it’s great that Strong is so enthusiastic about this character and what she does. Not to mention Harley Quinn is one of the best characters in the DC Universe. Soon we’ll see her come to life for the first time in a live-action role in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, played by Margot Robbie.

Do you love Harley Quinn? What do you think of these photos? Are you excited to see her in Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Hamill and Tara Strong as Joker and Harley



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