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You Need These 2 Bandai Tamashii Nations Sailor Scouts in Your Sailor Moon Collection Now

There has always been a really cool look to Sailor Moon and all of her friends. They are strong women and men that have long sweeping hair and cute outfits. Their accessories are fun and their weapons even more so. I remember as a kid watching the television show and thinking how fun it all was. And I love the aesthetics of the collectibles and action figures that have been released.

Speaking of which, Bandai Tamashii Nations is releasing a Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Pluto Figurarts ZERO Statue. It is up for pre-order now and set be released in January 2018. This figure is not only stunning but has such a unique silhouette only the Sailor Moon Crystal fans can really appreciate.

With her green hair flared out and standing with one foot in front of the other, she gives off this very strong demeanor. That is most definitely emphasized by the way she is grasping her Garnet Rod. To top it off, she is painted in a metallic paint that shimmers in the light. This is a really great detail to show her off as a real statement piece to anyone’s collection.

If you are looking for more articulation than what the Figurarts ZERO statue line can offer then this action figure is sure to please. Tamashii Nations is putting out a fully articulated Sailor Moon Super Sailor Jupiter Action Figure. She also comes out in January 2018. If you are a fan I wouldn’t waste time pre-ordering her because she is sure to be a hit.

The SH Figurarts Action Figure line is known for its amazing articulation with its action figures. This Super Sailor Jupiter action figure is no different. She comes with a plethora of interchangeable pieces to give you plenty of options to pose her over and over again. There are 4 facial expressions, 5 pairs of hands, her Crystal Change Rod, a stand and 2 Jupiter Oak Evolution effect parts. Just from looking at everything she comes with I think my favorite would have to be her winking eye face coupled with a pointing finger hand. It’s a classic flirty pose that gives a real sense of life to this action figure.

As I’m sure we will always see new Sailor Moon and friends collectibles be released, right now these two are top notch. For any fan of this fandom or these characters, in particular, they are relatively affordable. I know I wouldn’t question adding these to my collection!



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