Adorable Supernatural Q-Pal Plush

Supernatural Plush

For 12 seasons we’ve watched our band of idjits save the world. Through all their adventures the boys have been dogs, angels, demons and a whole ration of other eyebrow raising forms, but now we can have them as plush too!

Supernatural Sam Winchester Q-Pals Plush

Sam Winchester has been everyone’s favorite gentle giant for years. He’s literally puppy-dog-eyed his way out of being arrested. He may be the biggest of the trio, but the size of his heart mirrors the size of his stature. Sure, Sammy loses his way now and again, and I often find myself asking my television screen why he’s such a walking disaster, but lord help someone outside of the family calling him the same. This plush figure portrays Sammy in jeans, plaid shirt and light brown jacket – with soulful puppy-dog eyes and trademark mop of hair. Plush toy measures about 8-inches tall.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Q-Pals Plush

For all the ladies out there who are a sucker for a bad boy who also happens to be a great man, there’s Dean Winchester. Don’t take offense, Sammy lovers, Dean is just as much of a walking disaster as his brother, just a different kind! But, for all of his loud, offensive, petty nonsense, all Dean wants is a family. He loves harder than anyone else in the show, and that vulnerability leaves him constantly on the defensive. This Dean plush is featured with jeans, burgundy shirt and dark blue jacket – signature smirk included. Plush toy measures about 8-inches tall.

Supernatural Castiel Q-Pals Plush

You either love Castiel or you’re a liar. They didn’t leave out our favorite sassy baby in a trench coat! Whether you love Cas for being a phenomenal cosmic power that also happens to be completely clueless, or the fact that he was 1000% done with the Winchester’s nonsense right out the gate, he’s even cuter in plushy form! This adorable plush figure portrays the Supernatural angel in slacks, dress shirt with necktie and his trademark trench coat – with quizzical look and wings to complete the package. Plush toy measures about 8-inches tall.



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