We Believed a Man Could Fly

Superman is perhaps the world’s greatest superhero and he’s celebrating his anniversary today.

On December 15, 1978, Superman: The Movie was first released and Christopher Reeve blew us away as the Man of Steel. His performance, full of heart and hope, set the standard for heroes to come.

Superman means the world to many fans across the globe and he truly came to life in 1978, though he existed long before this film. The slogan for the movie, “You’ll Believe a Man Can Fly”, stuck with the hero for years. Superman’s ability to fly is not only amazing, it’s triumphant. He has sparked a sense of wonder in us, and brought great joy to people of all ages.

Indeed, despite being an alien, it’s truly Kal-El’s humanity that has continued to shine for this character since his inception and Reeve truly captured this in the film. His performance will never be forgotten and is still seen today as one of the best superhero depictions of all time.

When the movie was first released, it did very well. It was considered one of the best films of 1978. Roger Ebert placed it in his top 10 films of the year, and later on his Great Movies list. Superman creator Joe Shuster said he “was delighted to see Superman on the screen. I got chills. Chris Reeve has just the right touch of humor. He really is Superman.”

To this day Superman: The Movie remains as magical as it did 36 years ago, and we’re excited to remember it and give the film its due praise.

What are your favorite memories from this film? What do you love most about it? Let us know in the comments!

Superman Takes Lois Lane Flying



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