You Won’t Believe How Large This King of the Koopas Really Is

New Super Mario Bros. Bowser StatueThere was a time when a plucky little plumber faced off with a barrel-throwing gorilla in order to save the Princess. Plumber v Gorilla didn’t last long though, as Mario would get a very different style of game for Nintendo which featured a brand new enemy to face off with. Bowser aka King Koopa made his first appearance in Super Mario Brothers in 1985 and has been tormenting Princesses and plumbers alike ever since. Bowser has become an iconic video game villain. It only makes sense that with the release of the extremely successful Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, that we get some brand new Mario based merchandise.

This Bowser statue is based on the New Super Mario Bros. design and is beautifully crafted from high-quality polystone and hand-painted for the best detail. The statue stands 19 inches tall and weighs an incredible 44 pounds! Bowser is brought to life by the intricate detail of this statue, it will likely scare your cats away. Display this proudly with the First 4 Figures’ Cat Mario Statue (sold separately) to complete the set.

This statue is perfect for the Mario fan in your family. Do yourself a great service and preorder yours now, or you might face the wrath of Bowser himself. He could just kidnap your cats and force you to come after him. Act now before it’s too late!



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