The Newest Ron English Vinyl Figure is Sickly Sweet

As a kid, there was nothing better than diving into a big box of sugary cereal and searching for the coveted prize inside. Now you can relive some of that magic thanks to artist Ron English’s latest addition to his Cereal Killer Collection.

The Sugar Diabetic Bear Cereal Killers by Ron English Designer Vinyl Figure has a major sweet tooth. You will too once you take home this sugar loving scamp. Be careful, I think we can tell that this bear loves his sweets a little too much. I wouldn’t leave him in your kitchen unattended!

Measuring about 8-inches tall, this vinyl figure comes with a cereal themed box, which I’m sure will take you right back to memories of your childhood.

Sugar Diabetic Bear will hit the shelves in September 2017. Place your pre-orders soon and we’ll ship him out once he’s had his fill.



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