Strongest Devils in Black Clover (2023)

In Black Clover, the show really kicks off its cool factor when the devils show up. They’re super-strong creatures from the Underworld who can do some seriously scary stuff. From changing reality to controlling the rules of nature, they can pull off magic tricks that make even the strongest Black Clover characters look weak. Some of these devils can cause a ton of trouble like making whole cities disappear, while others manipulate people and shadows to do their bidding.

So, who are the strongest Devils in Black Clover? Picking the strongest wasn’t easy because the characters in Black Clover don’t go down without a fight. But we’re ready to jump into the scary parts of the Underworld to show you who we rank as the top-ranking devils from the show. We’ve looked at all the spooky stories, watched them do their scary magic, and thought about how smart they are. Don’t forget- let us know if your favorite devils made our list!

#7 – Beezlebub

Zenon’s biggest act in the show is helping to transform Zenon into a demon, and this made him one of the three Devils that made up the Dark Triad. Beezlebub is eventually incarnated and purified into Lily Aquaria.

#6 and #5 – Lilith and Naamah

Lilith and Naamah are twin devils that reside within Vanica Zogratis, another member of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. They possess powerful curse magic and the ability to create and manipulate blood. Lilith and Naamah’s abilities allow them to control and manipulate the blood of their enemies, giving them an advantage in battle.

#4 – Liebe

Liebe is a unique devil who forms a contract with Asta, the protagonist of Black Clover. Although initially seen as weak due to his suppressed powers, Liebe is revealed to be the former devil of Anti-Magic. Once his powers are unleashed, he becomes a formidable force capable of negating magic and overwhelming opponents.

#3 – Megicula

Megicula is the devil responsible for cursing the Silva family and is a major antagonist in the series. She possesses powerful curse magic that can inflict various debilitating effects on her victims. Megicula’s curses are potent and difficult to break, and she has shown the ability to manipulate curse marks and create devastating curse spells.

#2 – Lucifero

Lucifero is the devil residing within Dante Zogratis, one of the members of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. He is known as the strongest devil and possesses immense power. Lucifero has unparalleled mana reserves, immense strength, and the ability to manipulate gravity and space. His presence and power make him a significant threat.

#1 – Zagred

Zagred, also known as the Devil King, is one of the main antagonists in the series. He is the ancient devil responsible for the massacre of the elves and possesses powerful gravity-based magic. Zagred’s abilities include gravity manipulation, spatial manipulation, and the ability to corrupt and control other beings. He is considered one of the most formidable devils in the series. Although he is not connected to the Tree of Qliphoth, Zagred’s intense power is often shown off, and it’s hard to rank him anywhere but the number one spot!

And there you have it! While some Devils of the series weren’t mentioned, just remember that these character are who we deemed the most powerful. Disagree? Comment below to let us know how you would rank them!


Who is the strongest devil in Black Clover?

According to our list above, the strongest Devil in Black Clover is Zagred. However, it is known within the series that Lucifero is the strongest according to the Tree of Qliphoth, as the Devils who are connected to that tree are known to be stronger.

Who are the 3 Devils in Black Clover?

The 3 Devils in Black Clover who make up the Dark Triad are Lucifero, Megicula, and Beezlebub, who resided within the body of Zenon Zogratis.

Who is the real villain in Black Clover?

The real villain in Black Clover is Lucius Zogratis.

Who is strongest character in Black Clover?

While this is all up for interpretation, the strongest character in Black Clover is currently Lucius Zogratis, who was recently revealed to be Julius Novachrono.



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