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Step Aside Cap: The Iron Man Prop Replica Helmet is Here

Marvel Legends Helmet
Check out this excellent prop replica from Hasbro and Marvel: the Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet! The 1:1 scale helmet joins the Captain America Shield released earlier this year, and like the shield, it’s a high-quality collectible and cosplay prop for fans.

The helmet is wearable, and when three AAA batteries are installed, there are a variety of lighting and sound effects options. The gold colored face plate lifts up and even detaches, mimicking the design of the Iron Man suits used in the MCU. Given that a full metal helmet would be incredibly expensive and bulky to try and wear, the prop replica is made from plastic, but with a high-quality finish. A lot of work has gone into replicating the look of the circuitry inside the helmet, and the outside red and gold paint has an incredible finish that looks authentic.

Like the shield, the helmet comes blind packaged in a sleek Marvel Legends box. You can place your pre-order in the Entertainment Earth store now with free shipping!

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Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet



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