QUIZ: How Much Do You Know about the Star Wars Holiday Special?


A long time ago during the holiday season of 1978, one brave network decided to produce and air a holiday special set in the Star Wars universe. Since its first airing, the Star Wars Holiday Special has never officially been released on home video. But that didn’t stop fans from bootlegging it and in the current era of the internet, it’s also available on YouTube to watch (including those late ’70s-style commercials). If you’re a true Star Wars fan, you’ve probably seen it, and in that case, you possibly know a few facts about it. Find out how much you actually know about the Holiday Special by taking our quiz:

Star Wars Holiday Special Quiz

Whether you’ve aced the quiz or not, if you’ve watched the Holiday Special you’ve truly survived a great trauma and deserve to be celebrated. Go live your life and “May the Force Be with You!”



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