Star Wars Episode VII: That’s Really the Title?

It was the tweet heard ’round the galaxy: Star Wars Episode VII is titled The Force Awakens. They finished the principal photography for the film so it’s really coming back.

Of course the Force is returning. Star Wars is returning! As much as I love the series, it’s not exactly a surprise that the Force is awakening. How long was it asleep anyway? Is the Force suddenly a metaphysical bear waking up from hibernation?

Let’s come up with a few more titles that might suit the series slightly better than The Force Awakens.

Star Wars VII: Alternate Titles

Star Wars VII: The Force Might Need Some Coffee Before We Really Get Going

Star Wars VII: How Luke Got His Groove Back

Star Wars VII: Remember Those Movies From The 80s?

Star Wars VII: Keeping Up with the Cardassians

Star Wars VII: It’s Definitely A Movie

Star Wars VII: Harrison Ford Wonders If This Is The Movie Series Where He Wears The Hat Or Not

Star Wars VII: Lens Flare

Star Wars VII: The Sequel to Spaceballs

Star Wars VII: Take The Whole Family Christmas 2015

Star Wars VII: The Drowsy Fight

Star Wars VII: Come at Me Snyder

Star Wars VII: The Dark Shadow of Something Evil

But seriously, let’s talk about the title. It’s so close to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed from the video game and I’m not sure whether I love it or I think it’s tried. I almost prefer The Force Returns, but we already had The Return of the Jedi and those two things go hand in hand.

Share your hopeful titles in the comments and let us know what you want to see in Star Wars Episode VII!



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