Which Star Wars Character Are You?

It’s been the subject of heated playground debate for forty years: If you were in a galaxy far, far away, who would you be? A take-charge Leia? An idealistic Luke? A wise Yoda?

Everybody wants to be Han Solo, sure, but are you really a smooth-talking charmer like him, or are you more of a supportive protector like Baze Malbus?

We at Entertainment Earth have painstakingly sorted many of the best-loved (and most-hated) characters of the Star Wars universe into the Myers-Briggs personality types. Whether you side with the “Rebel scum” or dig the fancy duds of the First Order, we’ve got you covered. The results may be a little surprising – for instance, yes, Kylo Ren’s MBTI result is an Idealist like his absent uncle! But if like Luke, you look into your heart, you’ll know it to be true.

Star Wars Character Personality Chart

So how do you stack up on the Myers-Briggs Star Wars personality test? Surprised? Or validated? Personally, I’ve always felt a certain kinship with Obi-Wan: we both like to speak our minds, avoid people for long periods of time, and maintain the high ground.

What do you think of our alignments? Sound off in the comments on where you think other Rebels, Imperialists, and First Order figures would fall!



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