The next Best Thing to Being a Borg! The Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Backpack


So here’s a question most Star Trek: The Next Generation fans have asked themselves at some point, even if they won’t admit to it: Would being a Borg really be all that bad?

Yes, yes, we know all the drawbacks – the complete, crushing enslavement to a cybernetic hive mind… The gross violation of your physical integrity… The big, gaping hole where your soul used to be… The constant need for analgesic cream.

But:  You’d get to be a space zombie. How cool is that?

Well, we can’t transform you into a Borg drone (and that’s probably for the best), but we can help you set yourself apart from the rest of the Trek fan collective with the official Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Backpack!

You’ll feel as unique as “Hugh” did when you march back to campus after winter break or report back to your unimatrix office after the holidays carrying your books, computer, important papers, lunch, or other daily supplies in this creatively detailed carrier.

The black faux leather at its top sports a silver “circuit board” design under a large green plastic “lens” and a smaller red “button.” It looks for the entire world like a Borg facial plate and ocular implant – especially because the nylon next to it is the creepy, chalky white complexion of anyone infected by Borg nanoprobes. Two thick black ropes running over the surface suggest the twisting tubes the Borg use to ingest heaven only knows what nauseating nutrients. The Borg’s claw-like insignia is stitched into the bag’s padded back.

The backpack stands about 16-½ inches tall and is about 15 inches wide. Its main compartment can expand comfortably to about 5-½ inches deep. It also has zippered front and side pockets, and a padded internal divider to protect your laptop. This bag will easily “assimilate” your belongings-and will just as easily spark conversation, showing that you are a Trek fan who values the kind of individuality the Borg don’t!

Practical and fun, the Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Backpack is an ideal sci-fi fashion accessory. It’s also a lot more comfortable than a heavy cybernetic prosthetic!

Don’t miss your chance to own one of the most entertaining and useful Star Trek: The Next Generation collectibles on the market. Order yours now!

(After all, you know what they say about resistance, don’t you?)

Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Backpack



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