Star Trek Geeki Tiki Mugs Are Perfect for Out-Of-This-World Parties

Even five-year missions of exploration need the occasional bit of downtime. So, when you’re planning your next Enterprise mixer, don’t forget to invite the Orion girls, stock up on the Romulan ale, and bust out the proper party accouterments.

Beeline Creative’s line of Geeki Tikis is going where no man has gone before with their colorful Star Trek: The Original Series mugs.

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Choose from Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Gorn, Klingon, and The Mugato. These dishwasher and microwave-safe mugs feature the iconic characters in distinctive tiki stylization. Kirk is resplendent in command yellow, while Spock and Bones represent the science division in deep blue. Gorn, of course, is green with envy, while the Klingon is grimacing in brown and The Mugato is looking fierce in off-white. They range in size from 16 oz. (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Klingon) to 18 oz (The Mugato) and 20 oz. (Gorn).

Each Star Trek Geeki Tiki mug is packaged in a sturdy open-fronted box. The whole line will be blasting off this September, so be sure to order now before they disappear for their five-year mission across the universe!



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