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The Dark Knight Suits Up for His Biggest Battle with This Armored Batman Figure

BvS Armored Batman Play Arts Kai

If you’re anything like most comic fans, you’ve spent hours of your childhood debating the most epic – and at that point – hypothetical showdown in history: Who would win? Batman or Superman? And if your conversation went the typical route, you probably figured that no one could stand up to the Man of Steel, no matter how fancy his gadgets or how dark his suit was.

But that’s not the case anymore. Pick up this Batman v Superman Armored Batman Play Arts Kai Action Figure to get a glimpse at how a normal mortal with deep pockets and a scarred childhood can take on a super-powered alien from a distant, decimated planet.

Batman takes his body armor up several notches to help mankind defend itself against the unbelievable power of Superman. Square-Enix has carefully designed this recreation of Batman’s armor from the movie with detail so intricate you could spend hours studying it.

This hulking suit is unlike anything Batman has ever worn. The hard edges of the metallic suit contrast with the light, flowing cloth of his cape. There are nicks, scratches, and chips that the nearly impenetrable suit has taken in battle against Batman’s much more powerful foe. This figure also comes with so much articulation, you’ll wonder how this new bat-armor could possibly be so flexible. The eyes are painted with such luminesce that you will swear that they glow.

Square-Enix has a history of quality and detail in everything they do. But this figure captures the essence of Batman from Batman v Superman in a way that is rarely seen. Pre-order yours with free shipping today from Entertainment Earth!

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