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Exclusive Batman Action Figure Reveal – Video and Checklist

The new year just started but 2020 is off to a bright start for the Dark Knight. Spin Master’s highly anticipated, new line of DC Comics toys is available for pre-order first right here at Entertainment Earth!

If these finely detailed and extremely articulated action figures – let alone one of the coolest, most playable Batmobiles you’ve ever seen – are any indication, Spin Master licensing deal with DC will bring merch to satisfy fun-loving kids and serious collectors alike.

Get your first glimpse of Spin Master’s Batman 4-inch line in the video below. Then download the full checklist to be sure your collection doesn’t go without any of these Gotham City goodies!

Don’t forget: You can’t pre-order these imaginative and impressive Batman toys earlier anywhere than you can at Entertainment Earth. To avoid disappointment and claim your Spin Master Batman collectibles today!



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