Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Whatever an Interactive App-Enabled Super Hero Can

Everyone enjoys Siri and Alexa because they make the little things easier (most of the time). You talk, they listen, and type a text, send an email, set an alarm, and so on. But they lack the flash and style that we’d come to expect of high tech gadgets these days. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your very own super hero to wake you up in the morning! Now you can!

Sphero is here with the Interactive App-Enabled Spider-Man! With this extremely engaging Spidey you can go on adventures, fight villains and make decisions that have lasting impressions on your journey in the app. Not to mention that Spider-Man will react to people passing by you, guard your room from your siblings or noisy roommates, and wake you up in the morning so you don’t miss class. His LCD eyes express emotion, and the bluetooth tech installed will give you 2 hours of battery filled fun. He also has motion detection, a microphone, hi-fi speakers, and a 3d accelerometer for all the interactive fun one person can need.

Sphero makes the best in remote/app controlled devices and this new Spider-Man model is no different. Get yours today and you’ll be able to make Spider-Man do all the things a spider can…well not really but you’ll still be able to have loads of fun!



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