Lightning McQueen at Your Command!

When it comes to animated films it doesn’t get any better than Disney/Pixar. They have so much heart, comedy, and drama. Kids and parents enjoy them equally and they form lasting memories as children grow up. Cars was one of these memorable hits spawning two sequels, Cars 3 hitting theaters in June and will be seeing a home release really soon. Lightning McQueen is the star, a car born to be a racer and now a legend on the track. Voiced by Owen Wilson, McQueen had everything it took to be a champion racer – now you can be a champion too!

Sphero is back with another amazing App-Enabled R/C vehicle. With your Android or iOS device, you can take the wheel of Lightning McQueen and hit the gas. McQueen’s personality shines through this remote control car with emotive actions and speech. You can even watch Cars with Lightning and he’ll react to the movie! The app has a game included called Pit Stop Panic where you can hone your pit crew skills. The car has a 30-meter range and an hour of battery life while hitting speeds of up to 6 miles per hour!

Bring Lightning McQueen home today and have all the neighborhood kids yelling “Ka-chow” as he maneuvers around your street with precision and speed! He’ll become your new little digital friend as he reacts to your friends and the environment around him. Race to the finish line and order yours today!



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