Sometimes Even a Hero Needs Help

Sometimes even a hero needs a little help from his friends and The Flash is no different. Tune in tonight when Barry Allen meets Oliver Queen on the part 1 of The Flash and Arrow 2-night crossover! Watch the extended trailer below.

The trailer gives a first look at how Barry Allen AKA the Flash (played by Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen AKA Arrow (played by Stephen Amell) interact. They start as partners but you’ll have to watch to see if they stay that way.

The epic meeting of two heroes will begin tonight on The Flash episode 8, “Flash vs. Arrow.” When Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle travel to Central City, Barry is thrilled to unite with Oliver. Unfortunately this superhero duo doesn’t go as well as expected. Oliver tells Barry that he still has a lot to learn, causing Barry to want to prove him wrong. Is Oliver the only one who can stop The Flash’s rage rampage? Find out tonight!

That story continues on Arrow Season 3, episode 8, “The Brave and the Bold.” In the midst of the search for the boomerang killer, Oliver, Arsenal, and Diggle come face to face with an A.R.G.U.S. team. It will take two heroes and every team in order to save the city.

Is your money on speed or experience? Let us know whose side you take in the comments!



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