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Sight Beyond Sight with ThunderCats Pop! Vinyl

Thundercats Pop

Thundercats, ho! Making their way to the Pop! Vinyl line are these ferocious Thundercats Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko.

The Thundercats Pop! Vinyls stand about 3 3/4 inches tall and come in a window display box. These Pop!s feature characters from the classic Thundercats animated series in the enchanting Pop! style.

Available in this line are Lion-O, Cheetara, Snarf, Panthro, and Mumm-Ra. Lion-O is the leader and hereditary “Lord of the Thundercats!” Cursed with a strong sixth sense of oncoming evil, Cheetara is able to alert her fellow ThunderCats of any danger. Snarf is Lion-O’s sidekick and Panthron is the Cats’ designated mechanic. The “ever living source of evil,” Mumm-Ra is the Thundercats’ main antagonist.

ThunderCats follows the story of a group of cat-like humanoid aliens as they fight evil in their adopted home world. Follow the gang as they fight the evil Mumm-Ra and protect their home.

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Thundercats Pop

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