San Diego Comic-Con 2017: Kingsman and Wrestlers Make a Splash on Day 1

It’s officially begun. Last night was Preview Night for San Diego Comic-Con but the real deal began today. Let’s not wait any longer and get to the highlights of the day from SDCC!

Biggest Entertainment Stories

While the biggest news is still to come on Friday and Saturday, today was a big day for television news. Netflix and Dreamworks debuted a trailer for the third season of Voltron Legendary Defender which promised to be as excited and fun as the first two seasons. Also from Netflix, we got our first look at the Will Smith and Joel Edgerton film Bright. During their Hall H panel, Legion announced that the Shadow King will debut in season 2 and will be played by Saïd Taghmaoui (Wonder Woman). SyFy released a brand new teaser for their new series Krypton, set on Superman’s home world before it’s destruction and it has the feel of being as big as Battlestar Galactica was for the network. Finally, Marvel debuted a brand new trailer for Inhumans that really set the stage for an amazing IMAX experience and it looks great.

In the movie world, Fargo‘s show-runner Noah Hawley is developing a movie based on Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom for 2oth Century Fox. Fox also brought out a great new trailer for The Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and if you weren’t excited for it before, you will be after watching the trailer.

Hottest Collectible News

The biggest buzz from the day definitely came from the Jakks Pacific panel. They announced their upcoming line-up for the World of Nintendo line of figures which will include Mario Maker Mario, Luigi, Breath of the Wild Link, Iggy, Yellow Yoshi, and just tons more. They also announced Mario, Ice Luigi, Running Mario, Baby Blue Yoshi, and Koopa Troopa Plushes due to come out later as well. Before the Nintendo portion was said and done, they even gave away a couple of our SDCC Exclusive Super Mario Bros. Mini Figures.

Jakks wasn’t done there. They debuted their DC Comics figures which included the Justice League wave of figures. The Wonder Woman and Aquaman figures, specifically got big reactions from the crowd on hand. They spend some time on their SDCC Exclusive Hildebrandt Darth Vader figure. Finally, WWE got in on the fun with the announcement that the Wrestling Buddies are coming back with a Finn Bálor buddy and a new line of wearables. They also announced a new Women’s Title replica set to be available at Toys”R”Us later this year.

Entertainment Earth Booth #2343 Happenings

Today, the stars of Lucha Underground stopped by the booth for an Interview and Signing session. Color Commentator Vampiro along with stars and real life couple Johnny Mundo and Taya signed autographs and answered questions about their careers, and what it’s like to be a professional wrestler.

That’s not the only thing that happened at booth #2343, here are our today’s top show sellers for the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343:

That’s all from Day One of SDCC 2017. We’ll be back tomorrow for all the latest convention exclusive news.



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