Could Young Justice Get Renewed for Season 3 on Netflix?

Who remembers the truly great Cartoon Network show Young Justice and its tragic cancellation after only two seasons?

The show, which follows a group of young DC superheroes, garnered a loyal fanbase from late 2010 when it first premiered.

So when actor Khary Payton (voice of Aqualad) tweeted this last week, fans took notice:


That is a huge piece of news to drop on fans, especially with how vague it is.

At the start of the month, writer and producer Greg Weisman tweeted something else to get fans’ hope up:


The rumor right now is that Netflix is looking at the show’s stats and will determine if they want to give it a third season.

Basically what that means is: binge, binge, binge. Watch it over and over if you want Season 3! There’s no saying whether or not we’ll actually get it, but showing your enthusiasm can’t hurt and you’ll get to watch the show again.

Yesterday, Payton encouraged fans to get the hashtag #RenewYoungJustice trending:


It may no longer be February 16, but it doesn’t hurt to keep using the hashtag and tagging the appropriate parties.

So get out there and be vocal for your love of Young Justice!

Do you think there will be a Season 3? What do you miss about the show? Sound off below!

Source: The Mary Sue



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