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Rogue One Attacks Box Office Records


We’re coming up on the second Christmas season in a row with a brand new Star Wars film being released. Last year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens destroyed the box office when it was released, as audiences flocked to theaters to see this new chapter in the unwritten future of the franchise. Disney has owned the box office with its animated films, and Marvel Studios releases, and now with Star Wars, but you might be surprised to know that Universal Pictures set a few box office records last year. They were the first studio to cruise past the $4 billion mark in the foreign market and added $2.45 billion domestically. Disney is speeding past both those marks with $2.49 billion domestically and having just passed $4 billion overseas thanks to Doctor Strange and Moana. This is all before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters.

The latest entry in the Star Wars franchise hasn’t been released in theaters yet, but when presale tickets went on up for sale November 27th, hundreds of thousands were sold within minutes. The demand was so high, there were waiting rooms set up just to accommodate the incredible number of fans attempting to secure their seats. All of this for a story that we already know how it turns out! SPOILER: The Death Star is completed and it destroys Alderaan before a plucky moisture farmer from a back woods planet with two suns blows it up.

Reviews have started trickling in from various outlets as the media embargo was recently lifted. The overwhelming opinion is that this is a good movie. Even George Lucas thinks so! Lucas caused a bit of controversy last year when he voiced some displeasure about the direction of The Force Awakens, and the creative team not using his original ideas for the next installment of the Saga. However, with Rogue One, Lucas seems pleased. Lucas spoke to director Gareth Edwards and expressed that he really liked the movie. It was a private conversation that Edwards didn’t want to reveal to anyone, but he was happy that George enjoyed his film.

So, what can we expect from the film? Without going into spoiler territory (as I cannot, due to the fact I haven’t seen it yet), here are some of the thoughts circling the internet:

  • No opening crawl to open this Star Wars film, which feels odd.
  • K-2SO and the performance captured by Alan Tudyk steal the show.
  • Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some deep cut Easter Eggs.
  • This is a war film. It will be dark. Empire Strikes Back has been used to describe this film’s tone.

There’s no denying that Rogue One will be a massive hit at the box office. It’s also safe to assume that the majority of us who bought tickets within minutes of them being available will be cheering when the credits roll. Star Wars means a lot to so many people, and this new film will bring those people and many more with them, a whole new perspective on the universe.



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